Terror House Radio Episode 45 – Cybersex 2077

In this boring episode of Terror House Radio Bryden Proctor & Matt Forney discuss Cyberpunk 2077 and how much of a shit show that is. Really I don’t know, maybe people are being too hard on it but it seems like they royally fucked it up. Matt relates it to some parasocial relationship shit which I think is just him being an egghead. I guess we talked about 90s movies but I don’t remember it. He hates the dreamcast which means he’s fat. At the start though it’s super boring because I didn’t know the Philippines was so dangerous. We pick on ZAGGOTs for awhile too. This episode isn’t good honestly. It has taken me awhile to even post it here but whatever. Nobody goes to this weird website. It just exists as some sort of portfolio of failure.

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