The podcasts of Bryden Proctor.

Syd & Bryden & Beer – Syd Senex of NotFunny and Bryden Proctor have beers for an hour.

Nothing is better than just dudes being guys. Syd & Bryden & Beer delivers more than just grammatical errors. Originally slated to be named Dr. Matches Fantastical Magical Hour; Syd and Bryden pair up to chat about their week. Beyond just the dull podcast topics of news or what celebrity did what; Syd & Bryden & Beer hopes to bring you back to that feeling you had before all your friends moved away or had kids. Some may say it is the perfect podcast for sitting in your garage alone drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and chain smoking cigarettes.

Right To Bryden – Conservative comedian Bryden Proctor discusses News & Politics.

Right To Bryden (when it airs) is a YouTube live broadcast featuring Bryden, Spicci and often times other guests to do little more than have some cigars and brews. Come watch us rage against the #Resistance and other clowns hell-bent on turning America into a pan-sexual USSR. Lovingly called “The least listened to podcast on the internet” by the few fans it has; Right To Bryden is a fun tumble into right wing politics from two very stable geniuses. The hosts take shots at the left, the right, the far right, the far left and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with exactly what they happen to be feeling at that exact moment. Grab a cigar out of your humidor, pour some scotch and learn some talking points that will make Thanksgiving with your sister as uncomfortable as possible.

Look At This Handsome Fellow

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Frequent Guest Appearances

In addition to his own podcasts Bryden Proctor appears on friends shows from time to time.

The Weekly Sweat

The Daily Braap

Matt Forney Live