Voice Acting

Bryden Proctor occasionally does cartoon voice acting for internet shorts. Although clearly not trained in the “arts” of doing cartoon voices; he has always loved at least the idea of being a cartoon. With the help of friends from the internet from across the world who are animation and comic artists this sometimes becomes a reality.

Facepalm Reality

Bryden Proctor as Captain SocJus
Captain SocJus

Facepalm Reality created the character Captain SocJus. A role Bryden hopes to one day return to Captain SocJus is a Captain Planet parody that mocks the pervasive internet “Social Justice Warrior” culture. With the powers of the SocJusteers combined Captain SocJus is called upon. Once arriving he proceeds to make everything worse. Thus is the life of a SocJusteer.

Bryden Proctor as Creepy Dad
Creepy Dad

Creepy Dad is rather self explanatory. With the amount of sexually explicit material coming from strange YouTube channels this parody can be almost as uncomfortable as the genuine article. Once again Facepalm reality took to mocking the ridiculous “progressive” internet culture that often times gets down right bizarre.

Yolo Swag Studios

Bryden Proctor as The Interviewee
The Interviewee

Zach of Yolo Swag Studios has a unique way of writing that will either attract or repel a viewer. In a strange tale of a man at a job interview Bryden voiced the interviewee. The interview from the start goes against the company HR policy. Some have called this short the greatest twist of all time. M. Night Shyamalan has yet to compare to the brilliance.

Bryden Proctor as The Kid
The Zoomer.

The first short Bryden and Zach ever worked on was the story of a Zoomer who stops a home invasion. With the help of Martian Magazine and H8KU the four created perhaps the greatest comedy to ever grace the internet. It was widely praised on twitter as being a masterpiece. It has been rumored it was optioned for a NetFlix limited series.

Bryden Proctor voice acting